About us

The team around Frank Hess has been active in motorsports on the legendary Nordschleife since 2007. Our passion, commitment and success have made us what we are today. RCN, VLN and several successful 24h races have been and continue to be our motivation. Since our first 24h race in 2009, we never had a withdrawal due to a technical defect in this most extreme of endurance races on the Nordschleife.


Our commitment and enthusiasm is focused on the Volkswagen and Seat brands, upon which we specialize. With our new direction, "Sharky-Racing", we made our passion our calling.


 Sharky-Racing… The meaning – our vision!


 You do not have to be born a shark to gain respect as a shark in the high seas of racing.

 Ambition, courage and determination in the right combination open up new perspectives.


We give everything – but we never give up!