Track support - racing Service


100% performance in accordance with the regulations


Jointly with you, we design a competitive race car and build and develop it to perfection considering the available budget, the desired performance and reliability.

Designing and building race cars based on your specifications and in accordance with the technical regulations of the respective racing series is one of our core skills.

All our built-in components have been race-tested extensively on the Nordschleife in countless races and ensure an optimal handling in any given racing situation.

By cooperating with strong partners, we leave nothing to chance.

 As a matter of course, any build will be made in accordance with current safety requirements of DMSB and FIA.



Your racecar – our service –for RCN, VLN, 24h, or anywhere else…


Next to building racecars, track-side support of customer vehicles is an important area of activity of Sharky-Racing.

Beyond preparation and maintenance of customer vehicles, we strive to provide the best possible trackside support. We focus on providing an optimal set-up and on consistently developing the respective vehicle.